Roman Gerasimov recalled Frank Lampard Jr.

Roman Gerasimov recalled Frank Lampard Jr., who finished a brilliant playing career.

In my childhood on the turn of the century there were many thematic journals with stickers: NBA, NHL, Soccer League, European and World Championships. Repeated labels are not able to exchange on the porch of the store with toys, honorably decorated with the most intimate place in the house. I do not know, at the beginning of the "zero" lived Josep Guardiola in the Italian "Brescia", but in the national team of my closet, he has always been a solid player base.

Several years ago, I understood in Moldova things dug out chumovoy magazine - "The English Premier League-98." Cover completely lost, the paper wrinkled and slightly torn time. Plump, beautiful, and inside, people gathered on the game that many of us cultivate a love of football. All these players have long since finished with the persecution of the ball, but hiding in the magazine chubby and attractive character, wearing a jersey, "West Ham". Frank Lampard Jnr.

The guy from the magazine with stickers. How not to get into the team sortiraFoto:

1486199354_miranchuk_1.jpg Dad - in the past, the legendary defender of "Hammers" (over 660 games); uncle - a former midfielder, "West Ham" and an authoritative coach with classic British pub frequenter of physiognomy; Cousin - Jamie Redknapp, speaking in the "Liverpool", when the "Spice Boys" - a group of young players and windy "red" - in the mid-90s alternated attacks on the lawn with club parties and walks in fashionable boutiques. Of course, no pressure on the Frank-Junior.

The school Lampard Jr. was studious and shy student. Smyshl—Ďny in the intricacies of the subject was thinking smartly and quickly realized in his youth: such relatives he did not hide from the watchful eye and critical fans yelling "West Ham". "Boy stout," raw "and mediocre - we have guys older and stronger," - says the London "experts". Harry Redknapp, who led the "Hammers" from 1994 to 2001, once responded to a similar claim of prophetic speech and juicy, destroying the silly talk of patronage. Just enjoy the subtitles and expression Frank's face, which nearly collapsed under the table.

Redknapp said coach Lamps corresponded completely with the advent of the new millennium has outgrown "West Ham", which gradually got rid of youthful shyness in a dispute with a dangerous and experienced Paolo Di Canio. First Rio each contacted "Leeds", and after the season-2000/2001, "West Ham" and left Uncle Frankie's father. From "Chelsea," Ranieri winked, and began to turn. Thus unfolded the glorious story of one of the greatest midfielders in English football. You've seen for yourself: on the "Stamford Bridge" Lampard has transformed the prefix "junior" in the epithet "the best."


He personally created a "gold" in the double gate "Bolton" in April 2005, at the finish fabulous season behalf of Jose Mourinho.

In October 2006, he scored a crazy goal, "Bars" in the Champions League.

April 30, 2008 the leader of "Chelsea" played exactly the decisive penalty in the second leg of the 1/2 finals of the Champions League, punishing "Liverpool". Emotions twisted soul inside near the corner flag, an unusual sight in the heavens, because on the podium next to my father was absent most important person in the life of Frankie. The woman he is already being hardened and stellar player, the first called to the bed, if attacked colds. A week before the match, "blue" against "Liverpool" Mother Lampard has not coped with acute pneumonia: Pat Lampard heart stopped April 24, 2008 th, she was only 58 years old ...