The extreme political views have no place in football

The extreme political views have no place in football. Roman Zozulya, to address "Rayo Vallecano" guide Players removed from squad from the club because of his beliefs. Fans "Rayo" opposed Ukrainians and their leadership supported. Let us recall a few well-known players from the "right-leaning".

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Ukrainian football is just beginning his career in Spain, but was involved in the scandal. Getting laid Sevillian journalist who has upset the player on the trident t-shirt with the symbol of the Ukrainian nationalist organization. After denial and apology incident was over, but osadochek remained. In "Betis" football is not set and Roman decided to go to the "Rayo Vallecano". This is where the problems started.

The main trouble for Zozulya is that among the fans of "bees" are strong communist sentiments, and the emergence of a novel for them became a challenge. Despite the denial of belonging to an organization player - the situation is gaining momentum. In Spain, the fans respect the team, because the decision was unambiguous. Moreover, the press found out that player funds are allocated to the needs of the army and in contact with radical organizations. This strengthened the hatred of the fans and to the president of the club, who have been asking to leave.

One right. What unites Di Canio, Abbiati, Oddo and Zozulyu

The outcome of the proceedings has otzayavlenie Zozulya of "Rayo" and return to "Betis." Not having spent a single game for his new club Ukrainians forced to train for six months, without the possibility to participate in the games. This is the Spanish regulation.

Paolo Di Canio

One of the most famous Nazi-players. We all love to Paolo for his charisma and crazy performances in "West Ham". But his political views led many to hate him. Repeatedly greeted fans raised hand Di Canio run up to disqualification, public obstruction and penalties. However, it's not really stopped. Adoration "Lazio" fans have been provided to him. The Italian has never hidden his political views, but in 2013, as a coach, "Sunderland" gave interviews to newspapers, distancing himself from belonging to any political organizations.

One right. What unites Di Canio, Abbiati, Oddo and Zozulyu

"...- I'm a fascist but not a racist. Roman salute - a greeting comrade to his comrades. It was addressed to my people, - he said during a game of "Lazio" Paolo .... "

Because of his views problems from Di Canio was in Italy during his playing career and after. On the coaching path Paolo continued to accumulate misunderstandings in the "Swindon" in "Sunderland". At the latter, due to the Italian club from the board of directors in protest left David Millbend. But he stayed "black cat" long and Di Canio.

His last place of work Paolo was an Italian television channel Sky Sports Italia. However, because of the tattoos "Duce" on his hand, he was suspended from work and caused a stir in the Italian media. Four months later, Di Canio returned to television as if nothing had happened.

Throughout his career, Paolo accompanied by scandals and fights, and the removal of the charges. The latest scandal with his participation we have seen? Hardly. Still ahead. Di Canio remains to train "latsiale" to complete the picture. In addition to Paolo for his right-wing views stated people working in the structure of "Lazio": Massimo Oddo, Stefano Fiore, Eugenio Fashetti.