Years goalkeeper of "Milan"

Years goalkeeper of "Milan", displacing a young man from the base of Sebastian "barbarian" Rossi (if anyone remembers this) in 2008 reported their political views fascist.

"...- I agree with aspects of fascism - with patriotism and religious beliefs - Catholic values. I am absolutely not ashamed of political opinion. That fascism gives people security, teaches discipline and respect for the law. In fascism I do not agree with the racial laws, Hitler's politics and war - says Christian .... "

One right. What unites Di Canio, Abbiati, Oddo and Zozulyu 1486226072_kerj_zenit.jpg goalkeeper Revelation unfolded against the background of the discussion of the fascist past of Italy and right in power in 2008. At the same time, the country's defense minister paid tribute to the Italian soldiers who fought with the German army during the Second World War. Similar remarks have been condemned by the Italian company. Apparently, Christian wanted to be a trend, because and volunteered to speculate on the current topic.

arrant nonsense

In 2013, the Hellenic Federation of Football (EPO) lifetime ban AEK Athens FC midfielder Giorgos Katidis of performances for the national team for the fascist greeting. Thus, their actions explained 20-year-old:

"I would not ...- fascist and did not do it, if I knew what it meant. I just want to make it clear that what happened is a simple misunderstanding. I understand that hurt people's feelings and apologize .... "

As commented on in the club, the player did not really understand what he does. However, it is not easier to Giorgos from an apology. Promising player of stupidity will not be able to play for the country. However, his subsequent career just went downhill. Now Katidis appears in the second of the Finnish League for "Jaro".

Giorgos acted as unconsciously as the young Mauro Zarate, caught in the clutches of the Roman fans. Not thinking about the meaning of a gesture, the Argentinian crowd welcomed the raised hand. Perhaps Zarate took the example of Mark Bosnich, during the game last in the "Aston Villa". Australian fans welcomed the "Tottenham" in a similar way.

"...- To be honest: I was at that moment a little distracted. This was done because of my ignorance. For me it was a real joke, but I'm very, very sorry that it did not understand - was justified after the game Bosnitch .... "

Political views and convictions have a place in everyone's life. But for the people of public, which are the players that should not be a place to promote their ideals. A lot of fans in Europe hold radical views, but do not have the right make it beyond their own kitchen and pour oil into the fire to ignite confrontations. Footballers! You're sports people, society watches over you. Why do you need a policy? Fascism and Nazism should not exist either in football or in life. Think about it ... and think again.