FK Teplice - Zbrojovka Brno

At half past four in the afternoon will kick off the spring portion Czech league and even battle Teplice with Zbrojovka Brno. Guests aim to climb out of relegation danger according Habancových words: the march is played out. Teplice again tries to establish hilarious fall and remain in sixth position.

In winter break, both teams regrouped their forces, and can even exchanged players, respectively, from Brno headed northwest Bohemia Alois Hyčka, for whom the game is obviously very spicy charge. New Teplice acquisition firmly believes that the new team kenya sportbetting manages to break bad luck mutual series. As Brno in recent years can Teplice especially on Stínadlech. Moravian balance is worse. "Brno is playing differently at home or outdoors. At home, playing more offensively, there tend to have the window at the back, out the back more guarding the ass and playing on breakaways, as will be the difference," he said to the address of his former team Alois pampered.

Teplice experienced hilarious autumn and in great shape caught mainly between October and November last year. Maintain current sixth place but it will not be easy and you may struggle to Brno on seasonal targets many clues.

While Teplice indulge in sixth place, Brno is the fourteenth up just two points ahead of the fifteenth Jihlava. Zbrojovka leadership and had been busy in the winter and fans prepared a few changes. "Now the time has come orchestrated to achieve the desired objective. The changes were enough to count among them can also return Zavadil and extending hosting at Litsingiho," said Svatopluk Habanec.

"We want to present other performances and points than in the fall. The cabin we had such internal target. We do not have noses up there and speak about the Cup, it would be very unreasonable, just we do not want to constantly repeat the word salvation. Consequently, that our goal is to move in the middle of the table. Regarding the points, it is achievable, on the other hand, we know what the team is doing when it is in range relegation positions, "he warned Habanec.

Teplice should be in full composition, so the coach can deploy Smejkal's strongest he has available. Affair over the winter emptied and Brno and in the starting formation appears so experienced Pavel Zavadil and former star of Teplice Francis Litsingi. Conversely, a question mark hangs over the start Pavlik and Štohanzl.