The Argentinean enclave in Zenith has grown to Kranevitter

Argentine midfielder Matías Kranevitter will also try to fulfill his potential under the control of Robert Mancini in Zenit St. Petersburg. The Madrid Atlético Madrid did not succeed, he was tied to the Russian Grand Club for four years, joining three other compatriots ...

Kranevitter, who spent all of his season in Seville, is coming to St. Petersburg as the fourth Argentinian after the attacker Driussim, Paredes midfielder and defender Mamman. He signed the contract for four years.

The former hope of River Plate leaving Madrid with just 11 competitive starts for Atlético on the net, but Rojiblancos on a 24-year-old midfielder does not seem to be doing it. Zenit says he will pay eight million euros for Kranevitter's services, roughly what Atlético has sent to Buenos Aires two years ago.

The defensively tuned midfielder and Argentina's silver crowned winner from last year's Copper of America to St. Petersburg is replacing Hernani, who has not convinced Mircey Luceska as a major reinforcement, and today he is heading to Saint-Étienne, France.